more than a place to play


Football is more than a game, it is common ground. In its universality, it is a bond across humanity; in its simplicity, it is an incredible instrument for social change.

Through the passion and power of the world's most popular game, love.fútbol engages communities to ensure that every child has a place to play.



three core objectives

A fundamental opportunity for more positive, more productive and healthier lives.

Locals build their own football pitch and with it, their community.

Community and partners harness this energy, social network and space towards long-term social impact. 


We all go one day, but our history remains. This is a milestone to us. We are building the history of our community.

Giba, Engagement Captain - Penedo de Cima Project, Brazil.


Learn about OUR impact in partner communities.


A court made anew after years of neglect with a breathtaking view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. An example of how a once unsafe area can transform into a meeting point for the whole community.

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A project finished in record time by a fútbol passionate community. This community in Mexico City, a vacant lot turned into a multi-sport center, complete with a square and playground for the children.

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A community without a recreational area in its history now has an court with a weekly schedule of games, social events, and a football school for boys and girls in the area.

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A field built, destroyed by a historical flood, and rebuilt again by a resilient community and its partners. The setback showed the power of a network of committed individuals meeting their goal.

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