Mexico City, Mexico




One of the most passionate people the organization has come across, the people of Chimalhuacán share a passion for the beautiful game. Thanks to the high levels of community engagement, particularly from the women, the project was built and inaugurated in 40 days -- a record in the history of love.fútbol. What was once a vacant lot is now a beautiful recreational complex with a multi-sport court, and playground - built in partnership with the non-profit KaBOOM! From fútbol to ballet and even traditional rituals, this place will serve as a platform for play, education, tradition, and sustainable social change.


The name Chimalhuacán means "place of those who have shields" in the local dialect of Náhuatl Chimalli. 



"The people are ecstatic because they took part in building this project. Also, it is not only a court but a children's playground -- a place for families to get together and enjoy themselves", Mauricio Delgado, a resident of Chimalhuacán and Project Registration Captain