santa marta


A New beginning

In the community of Santa Marta, with a view of the city below and Christ the Redeemer above, the hallowed field of Tortinho holds a special place in the hearts of the locals. Created 50 years ago, Tortinho was a place where children could play to their heart's delight. Over the years, the field fell on hard times, became a shell of itself, and the glory days came to a sudden halt. Three years ago, the construction of two unfinished buildings threatened to make the field a thing of the past. An intervention to save the field was needed. 

In 2016, the community came together to breathe new life into its hallowed ground for new dreams and achievements to take place for future generations.

29102014-DSC_2213 (1).jpg

"Seeing this field finished is like a dream. We were brought up in Tortinho. I want to do whatever is possible to keep this field alive, so my daughter can play here as I played when I was kid." 

- Lourinho, community member -



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