Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Pernambuco, Brazil



An example of resiliency and sustainability

The Arena Massangana was a 20 year-old dream of this football passionate community. In a twist of fate, one of the biggest floods in the area's history washed away the field three months after its inauguration. Months of hard work by the locals were laid to waste in a blink of the eye. In the face of hardship, the same hands that initially built the field went back to work and brought it back to life once more. The local management committee raised funds to rebuild the Arena, project partners stepped up to provide the necessary materials for repair, and new volunteer work days took place. With everyone working together, the beautiful game began to flourish once again. The community led the way in making their dream a reality again, and along the way demonstrated the strength and resiliency of a network that was called on twice to step up and deliver. 


The flood revealed the true character of a community in overcoming the odds, and the inauguration of the Arena Massangana marked a new beginning for people to move forward as one.



"It's a dream of the community coming true. One thing we learned from the project is that without unity we are not able to win our battles in life."

- Ivaldo dos Anjos, Community Member - 


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