Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



The court with a view of the city

First built by the locals decades ago, the court of Cantagalo,  home to one of the most beautiful views in all of Rio de Janeiro, was an important meeting place for the community. In 2009, the protective net around the court was destroyed, leaving the space unrecognizable from its glory days when fútbol was played for hours on end by young and old. Over the course of six months in 2016, Cantagalo came together to rescue their court and provide a safe place to play again. The court now has a shiny new surface with a surrounding wall, complete with lighting and protection nets --- a real feast for the eyes and the fútbolistas who can play there once again! More than a place to play, a working garden takes shape around the field, along with graffiti artwork installations and wireless hotspots. 


Cantagalo is home to various talents. There are athletes, dancers, musicians, artists, chefs, students. People of all ages who have the energy, will and potential to move the community forward.




"The field had been forgotten. Saving it means we'll be able to see our kids play and learn here every day. People will see it daily on their way to work or school. It highlights our development as a community as well. Where we once saw garbage, we now see flowers. It helps to transform the place we all call home" 

Alberto, a resident of Cantagalo.


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