love.fútbol will partner with Manchester City to build sports courts in Mexico

The Cityzens Giving campaign made available £ 400,000 thanks to City Football Group (CFG), owner of Manchester City and its affiliated clubs, to fund the projects of six organizations from around the world. After garnering the most votes and maximum level of funding, love.fútbol is set to take its methodology of community engagement through soccer to Mexico City. The organization now has a two-year partnership with CFG.

“The best thing is that, with this result, we will be able to not only do one but three projects in the city: one this year and the other two in 2018", said love.fútbol COO, Manoel Silva. "We are very happy with the level of engagement we received from the general public towards our project throughout the campaign".

In the running with five other organizations from the United States, China, Indonesia, Australia and England, love.fútbol rallied supporters via social media to raise awareness and get out the vote about their project. Manchester City also provided a boost by sharing the project on its website, and real-time voting took place during the matches of New York City FC, Manchester City, and Melbourne City FC.

"Just like all of our projects, this achievement was the result of a collective effort by a community of soccer fans and people who, like everyone who is a part of love.fútbol, believe in the positive impact of sports on the lives of children and young people", continued Silva.

The first project will take place in the community of El Coyolito, located in Gustavo Madero, one of the municipalities of Mexico City. In partnership with the local organization Jóvenes Constructores de la Comunidad (JCC), love.fútbol will refurbish a soccer court, while young community leaders are trained on the job.

Once completed, the court will serve as a community recreational area as well as a platform for sustainable development for other social projects to take place. A soccer program, with two sessions a week, will also be developed in El Coyolito, reaching 400 young girls and boys.

"It is more than a place to play. It is a space for children and youth to connect and live out their passions and learn essential life skills -- a symbol of achievement by the community who leads the way in its development” said Silva.