A former factory has been transformed into a public park and sports facility in Mexico

After three months of activities with the participation of 600 volunteers who donated more than three thousand hours of work, the multi-sport court is inaugurated in the park of the former Factory in the city of Nanchital (Veracruz, Mexico).

This project was made possible by the union of the community’s neighbors with love.fútbol, sponsorship of Braskem Idesa and the general support of the local organization Chico Balderas.

This is the sixth project developed by love.fútbol in Mexico, in alliance with local populations, fútbol fields that function as community centers for sustainable social change, "love.fútbol creates inclusive open spaces to play, and from the planning stage, invites neighbors to be part of the process. “Our projects are a good representation of what we want for our cities, that are participatory, focused on people and with strong networks that can collaborate and take control over the development of their communities", Emilio Martínez, love.fútbol’s Latin American project manager.

The Neighbors Network formed during the project celebrates the community's collective achievement.

The Neighbors Network formed during the project celebrates the community's collective achievement.

It should be noted that the Nanchital project is the first to be carried out outside the surroundings of Mexico City and the largest to date in terms of rehabilitation of vacant public areas, as 10,500 square meters of a lifeless and insecure public space was recovered. This meant great challenges; however, the project was successful thanks to allies who have made it possible to turn this space into a multicourt for sports activities such as volleyball, football, and basketball.

"Braskem Idesa seeks to be part of a change that promotes the sport through the rehabilitation of public spaces, creating an appropriate ecosystem for our young people and the wider community," stressed Cleantho Leite, Head of Institutional Relations at Braskem Idesa.

For love.fútbol  the community plays a pivotal role in the construction of these areas as well as of the networks that are created around, "for me as a member of this network is that, a place of recreation, a safe space of healthy entertainment for me, for my family and many more families of Nanchital. That’s why I decided to engage with the project because it’s a positive thing for the benefit of our people. Talking is easy, doing works" said Ana Reyes, a member of the Neighbors Network formed during the project and that who from now on will be in charge of managing this new course.

With a celebration full of football, dances and regional music, took place the inauguration of this space, in which she highlighted the presence of the boxing national figure Tomás "El Gusano Rojas", as well as of the municipal authorities, staff of Braskem Idesa, members of love.fútbol and the Chico Balderas Foundation, its president Miguel Ángel Piña Balderas, said "For me this project means a lot, Nanchital is a new project and we have already invested time in its management, this space was abandoned and today we have recovered it to carry out cultural, sports and educational activities, an example of progress for my city Nanchital. This project involved people, which is, an organized society that demonstrates that things can be done; so we are sure that it will bring many benefits to the general public."

Boxing national figure Tomás "El Gusano Rojas" (center).

Boxing national figure Tomás "El Gusano Rojas" (center).

The new multicourt located in the former Factory is now, rather than a place to play, a safe area where the Nanchital community will practice various activities and at the same time, develop skills that change people’s lives.

Braskem Idesa, love.fútbol and the Chico Balderas Foundation thank the municipal authorities for the support provided during the time the construction of this multicourt took place.

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