It all started when...

Romário, a long-time resident of Santa Marta, is a reference point of the field. For almost 20 years, he has looked after it to the best of his abilities. When a concrete structure rose up next to the field, he drummed up support to protect it. 


Motivated by his passion for fútbol and Tortinho, Romário was present for every phase of the project. From cleaning the surrounding area to transporting raw materials to painting the exterior walls, he was a leading force and an example for others to follow. At the project's end, the community recognized him and chose him as the official guardian of the newly refurbished field. 


Romário is one of the many local heroes who, propelled by passion and determination, decided to transform the landscape of their surroundings for themselves and their fellow community members. A simple man of few words, he helped bring Tortinho, the cherished field of Santa Marta, back to life.