Have you ever looked at our organization's name and wondered why there's a period between "love" and "fútbol"? The period exists between the two words because we believe in an individual's "Right to a Passion", whatever that may be.






We just happen to focus on fútbol as our vehicle for social development and empowerment, but we fully support the various other passions that people around the world hold as well. 

LF Soul Brothers & Sisters is a new segment in which we will highlight organizations that we love and think you all should take a look at as well. 

Today's organization is Ocean Sole (http://www.ocean-sole.com). Based out of Kenya, Ocean Sole has a passion for conserving the country's coasts and waterways by collecting discarded flip flops (yes, flip flops) and other rubbish which wash on shore and transforming it into creative art pieces for sale. With workshops in Nairobi, city slums, and remote coastal areas, Ocean Sole provides employment to over 100 local craftsman. An artistic trade solution to a worldwide problem.

Here's to passion and to thinking creatively to solve a problem in the world:) 

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Photo credit:  Ben Curtis / AP

Photo credit:  Ben Curtis / AP