Villa Nueva, Guatemala

Site of the first love.fútbol field

Enrique stood about three and a half feet tall and though he appeared no older than nine, he was fourteen. His father was an alcoholic and his illness had a grave impact on the family. Out of Enrique’s ten brothers and sisters, five of them had died of malnutrition related causes. Enrique's height was due to his stunted growth and socially, he spent the time with other children of about seven, eight and nine years old.

His father pulled him out of school by the age of eleven to work. Despite his tough living situation, Enrique still attended class from time to time and had dreams to own a store someday. 

Always barefoot, Enrique methodically showed up at the project site everyday to help for a few hours during his free time. One day we decided to ask him why he came to the field so often and worked so hard. His response was:

        Porque quiero jugar aquí también. ~ Because I want to play here too.

love.fútbol is dedicated to children like Enrique—the children who just want to play and dream of a better future.