Fútbol is a collective game made up of individuals working together as a team. However, there also exist moments when one is with a ball in pure open space, free of 6 yard boxes and halfway lines. No score is being kept and the game clock is off. 

It is an opportunity to express one’s passion for the game in a variety of ways---to invent, to dare, and to dream.  It is both exhilarating and liberating to kick a ball around every which way that one chooses. Every child should have the right to this simple pleasure in the world.

How do you express yourself with the ball at your feet?

Juggle until you reach a new personal record? 

Work on your weak foot? 

Invent a new move? 

Imagine you're Maradona and embark on a slalom run against imaginary defenders?

Share this with your friends, and leave a quick post on how you express yourself  with the ball at your feet.

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Photocredit: Marina Mitrovic "Untitled"