Hi, we hope everyone is having a good week. As things continue to move forward in Brazil, we also wanted to highlight a University based love.fútbol chapter in the U.S. and the wonderful work they do to support our organization. The George Washington University love.fútbol chapter is the first love.fútbol collegiate chapter, began in 2010. They seek to further the mission of love.fútbol by raising funds to help build safe, sustainable soccer fields for children in impoverished communities.


The founders of the GW love.fútbol chapter are motivated by the inspiring mission of love.fútbol and are dedicated to promote the love.fútbol mission and vision. Through the involvement of their members, they have brought GW students together to create a positive impact on a global scale through the power of soccer. The chapter encourages member participation through a combination of educational discussions, community service projects and social events.

“To me, love.fútbol means a world where children have a safe place to live and play, and to pursue perhaps the most universally shared passion for millions of children around the world,” said Erik Svedberg, President of The George Washington University love.fútbol Chapter.


The George Washington University love.fútbol chapter organizes charity events to raise funds for love.fútbol. GW love.fútbol’s 3rd annual charity performance is the chapter’s signature event and is tentative scheduled for this fall.  The charity event showcases various talented performing art groups at George Washington University The event is open to all members of the GW community. Check out some of their past events here.

If you want to find out more about the GW chapter, visit their website and find out how to get involved. If you are interested in starting a chapter at your own university, click here.