Members of the community have been working really hard on the concrete phase of the Cachoeira field and we wanted to give you an update on what they have been doing lately. The concrete phase started on Saturday, January 18 and it lasted 11 hours. Volunteers are eager to have their love.fútbol field that they started working really early at 6 a.m. and didn’t stop until 5 p.m. We feel very lucky to have such a hard working group of volunteers to work with. 60 members of the community work hard day after day and in only one day of work, they were able to lay 20 tons of concrete using approximately 3600 wheelbarrows.

Seu Justino is 101 years old, has been living in Cachoeira for 72 years and said that this is the biggest event he has seen in the community, “This field will change the spirit of the people and the community.”

Cachoeira Old Man