The Guerreiras Project has a goal similar to ours: provide children with a safe place to play sports and deter children from violence and drug use. On November 26, the Guerreiras Project held a workshop in Pina, Brazil, a favela, slum on the beach near Boa Viagem for local children. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Women from the Brazilian National Team shared their stories at the event describing how they overcame their own personal struggles living in depressed areas such as Pina. During the workshop, players spoke about the prejudices they faced, the problems of packed communal living, and the violence within their communities. Many players had similar, troubled upbringings and their stories showed children that success is possible - even if you live in a troubled community.

A catch phrase the project uses is “não pode ser que não pode ver” or “you can’t be what you can’t see.” The project aims to create a space in which the successful and hopeful can share stories to help more people reach success. At the event, the players provided children with stories that they hope will motivate them to make their own dreams a reality.

With the help of projects like Guerreiras and love.fútbol, children everywhere will soon realize that their future is in their own hands, and that it is theirs for the taking.