Hey followers,

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, so we’d like to update you on our recent activity.  love.fútbol inaugurated its 10th field on September 24 in Váreza Fria, Brazil.  This is our first completed project in Brazil, and was made possible due to our partnership with Coca-Cola Guararapes and local community members.  Music, dancing shows, a parade, and a soccer match between local select teams highlighted the event.

Our goal was to revitalize the playing area, goals, locker rooms, and the deviation of the sewage that crossed the entire field.  After completion, four thousand children and youths are now able to play soccer in a safe, quality place.

Manoel Silva, love.fútbol’s Executive Director highlighted the significance of the project to Váreza Fria as well as to the NGO being it the first project in Brazil.  “More than a soccer field, this is a symbol of community strength. The unity of the Várzea Fria serves as an example to many others around the world. They have provided their own children with a safe place to play. I am sure that generations will hear the story of this field.”