Today, over 5,000 children play on eight love.fútbol soccer fields. Due to your support, those fields not only provide hope for the kids that play on them, but serve as a platform for future development within their communities. [youtube]


We are incredibly excited by our successes, but millions of children without the right to play remain. With the soccer-passionate community behind us, love.fútbol is expanding its operations to Brazil in 2012 and looking forward to continued growth.

To prepare for this exciting expansion, love.fútbol is launching the “First Touch” campaign. Every soccer fan understands the importance of a good first touch – to establish a strong position and move the ball in the right direction. Like any successful endeavor, we need support. And that’s where you – the soccer passionate community – come in.

Visit our website and Facebook page to stay current with our work. Engage your social networks on our behalf. Organize a fund-raising activity and donate! Every little bit makes a difference.

Together, we will bring the right to soccer to every child.

Abrazos, Drew

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