By Oscar Norsworthy President & Founder, George Washington University love.fútbol for All Chapter

One hot, Washington, D.C. summer afternoon, I rode the metro for 40 minutes to a Starbucks where I would meet with Drew, co-founder and CEO of love.fútbol. Our 30-minute conversation would lead me to realize a dream.

Growing up, my parents threw me into soccer to keep me out of trouble – and as I became a young adult I continued with soccer to keep myself out of trouble. As I was making that transition from adolescence to adulthood, I realized that this sport had provided me with so much: great friends, learning moments, and the ability to overcome adversity.  What had the beautiful game asked for in return? Not much. I feel now, as a burgeoning, responsible young adult, it is my duty to help provide similar opportunities to children who may not normally have them.

I’m now turning this dream into reality through my work with love.fútbol – an organization that makes dreams come true. As a kid, I played on clean, grass fields, while my dream was to one-day play under the lights of a grand stadium. Other kids around the globe never have the opportunity to play on clean fields – their playing surfaces are comprised of a garbage-covered dirt lot, while they can only dream of having the opportunity to play on a proper surface with real goals. What my dream and other kid’s dreams have in common is a passion for soccer. At love.fútbol, we all have this passion. That passion drives us to help communities build simple, safe soccer fields for children to have a place where they can express themselves freely through the medium of soccer. 

As the Founder and current President of the “love.fútbol for all” chapter at George Washington University, I’m bringing that passion to our campus.  As the organization’s first-ever collegiate chapter, we are pioneering the trail for other colleges to pick up. We are raising awareness for the issue, doing service in our local community and fundraising for our ultimate goal: to build a field in Central America that will be funded strictly from money raised here at our University through student efforts. This past semester, we picked up a significant portion of those funds through our Charity Performances event where we had student performers donate their talent for our cause. Performances included singers and dancers, our school’s Bhangra, Raas, and Ballroom teams, as well as two a cappella groups – all in one night! (At the end of this article you’ll be able to see the Raas team performance but you can click on the related videos to get a taste for the other groups.)

This spring semester, we will be hosting our first love.fútbol soccer tournament on campus where student groups, fraternities and sororities, and University staff teams will all compete for the love.fútbol cause! We are very excited to have this first year under our belt as we look to become an established student organization!

If you or someone you know are interested in creating either a high school or college chapter please contact the Director of love.fútbol for All, Mano Silva at, or the love.fútbol for All On Campus Director, Oscar Norsworthy,