With only a few days left before the inauguration, the new field in San Antonio Palopó is coming along nicely. The cement has been laid and leveled, and you can already see the green tint added to the mix this time around to help assure more durability of the paint job.

The field will need to cure for a few days before it is in condition to be played on, but it already covers the unsightly sewage drain which previously crossed the site, and has since been properly covered.

The next step is the hardest for the kids in the community -- they must stay off the concrete while it dries.

It won't be longuntil they can use their new field, though,  as the ceremony will take place at 9 AM on Sunday, March 20.

When the cement is dry, a small fence will be installed around the field to keep the ball in and animals and the like out, the goals added at both ends, and a ten-foot high net placed around the construction to prevent the ball from going frequently out of play.

Finally, the field will be painted with the love.fútbol logo and that of its supporting partners.