Equal access to education and sport for girls is a serious issue in Guatemala, especially in the rural regions love.fútbol currently focuses on. Studies show Guatemalan girls in rural areas are less likely to be enrolled in school than their counterparts in urban areas, and that the country is not on track to meet millennium development goals of universal, free education for all - with girls being the usual victims.

But love.fútbol hopes to help, even if it's just a little bit. The program encourages girls' participation in sport and equal access to the field for all. As Maya, a local school teacher in San Antonio Palopo, points out in the video below, the girls in the community are just as eager to use the field as the boys.

"Most of the girls play soccer," she said. "They don't play anything else."

love.fútbol is happy to provide a safer place to do that, for girls and boys alike.