On the shores of Lake Atitlan, kids from the community of San Antonio Palopo will soon have a new field to play on, far enough from the crumbling hillsides and crowded streets to keep them safe. On the site where the main road through town used to meet the sewer drainage into the lake, a cement base has been laid for what will become the latest in love.futbol's Guatemalan projects.

The kids in the community couldn't be happier, and much of the success can be attributed to the hard work of community members, who have steadfastly taken to the idea of participative development.

The videos below show materials arriving, and community work in the background, as teacher Manuel Xon explains the significance of the new field to his students and the local youth in general.

On the edge of the picturesque, volcan0-lined lake, the community volunteers form a line to feed water into the cement mixer, as other workers advance on the cement base that will eventually form the new playing surface.

The inauguration is scheduled for mid March, after the field has time to cure and dry properly. More details to come!