love.fútbol understands that kids will kick a ball around anywhere they can - from dangerous streets to precipitous mountainsides. In Guatemala, a shortage of safe places to play is exacerbated by the hilly terrain, especially in the western region where's eighth project is taking place.

In San Antonio Palopó, kids are so anxious to play, they turn every paved corner with a few yards of space into a soccer field, sometimes at their own peril. Often, they find other areas that are less than perfect, such as the courtyard of a school, shown below.

We salute these kids for their ingenuity, and share their passion for the game. Now, we'd like to help them find a better, safer place to kick the ball around, while helping their community come together behind a common goal.

As the love.fútbol project moves forward in San Antonio Palopó, today that dream is closer than ever.